Tired of shopping

Deptford market in south east London is one of my favourite haunts. Visiting one Saturday, I spotted this Bull Terrier being led from stall to stall on a lead. Following at a distance I watched, hoping a picture would develop. And as the owner browsed, the dog looked more and more bored.


Photographer’s Odyssey

Odyssey – definition : a quest or epic journey. Describing my own journey as epic would be pretentious. After all, when I took this picture at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, I’d just got off the train from Bexleyheath to Charing Cross. Commuting into London one morning, I came across these sculptures by chance, as


On safari in Leeds

“Urban Safari” is one of my ongoing projects, with most of the pictures being taken in Lusaka, the Zambian capital. So where does the Yorkshire city of Leeds fit in? Well, two photos from the series are on display there until 26th October 2016. If you’d like details of the group exhibition,


Creative unblocking : the Artist Date

Are you feeling flat and uninspired? Has your well of creative ideas dried up? Then an Artist Date might be just what you need. In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron recommends two main tools for creative unblocking: Morning pages and Artist dates. They can be used by artists, photographers, writers


Good companions

I often think that dogs have more sense than humans. They eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired and instinctively know if somebody likes them. One Saturday I called in at The Society Club in Soho, to catch up with friends. Arriving just after lunch, I found Modesty sound asleep, with


The headless cyclist

Driving into London is never fun, but for historical interest the A2 from Kent takes some beating. Part of a Roman road – Watling Street – Christian pilgrims used the route to get to Canterbury. And in the eighteenth century Dick Turpin would lie in wait by the roadside, to rob travellers


Rapid response

In May 2016 I wrote about Labour Day in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. If you missed the posts and would like to catch up, follow the links to Labour Day : Part 1 and Part 2. I’m now fully at home in Zambia, but the police uniforms still fascinate me –


Photography and privacy

Should there be a blanket ban on taking photos without permission? Or is everyone “fair game” as soon as they walk out of their front door? I have mixed feelings. Whilst I value my privacy and that of my family, I do enjoy taking candid photos of people going about their lives.


Never work with children or animals

Being fond of dogs, I’ve never taken W.C. Fields’ advice seriously. Big, small, cute or ugly, to me they’re all great subjects for photography. But I finally met my match when taking pictures for my Town Dogs project. I’d seen this young, lively Pug in a gallery on Pall Mall. With the


Keep calm and carry on

I love crisp, sunny winter days – for me they’re photographic heaven. With a clear atmosphere and sun that’s never directly overhead, the gorgeous light gives you a head start before you even pick up your camera. On this February morning, I’d arranged to meet a friend in London. Public spaces are