Welcome to my photoblog, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Concentrating on black and white photography, the blog aims to entertain and inspire. Like many photographers, I’ve been through barren spells when nothing has seemed to work – which is why I share tips and ideas about keeping your photography fresh and creative.


Ways into street photography

‘Street photography’ : say it out loud. How does it make you feel? I have mixed emotions – a thrill of anticipation, sometimes followed by anxiety. So today I’m going to suggest ways of overcoming any fears you might have. Don’t always photograph people : typical street photos have people in them,


Is stock photography dead?

Libraries are making good money from stock photography. But what about the photographer? Is it still worth taking photos and marketing them as stock? In the 1990s, when I began shooting stock, I submitted colour transparencies. And for each image that was accepted, on average I used to receive nearly two US


Cat on a stool

“I don’t care where I sit, as long as I get fed.” Calvin Trillin, author and journalist


Roger Mayne : street photographer

I want to share my enthusiasm for Roger Mayne’s street photography. Born in 1929 and educated at Oxford, he seemed destined for a conventional career. But he didn’t enjoy chemistry – and by the time he graduated, his photography had already been featured in Picture Post magazine. Mayne’s most famous body of


Lusaka wildlife

There’s not much wildlife in Lusaka. With a population of more than two million, the Zambian capital is crowded and built up. The mini bus drivers can be wild, but that’s a story for another day. Walking round the city, I’d seen this metal sculpture before, but hadn’t taken much notice. The


The Urban Jungle


Man’s best friend

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” Groucho Marx


Terence Donovan : an appreciation

Best known for his fashion photography, there was much more to Terence Donovan than that. In the 1960s Donovan, along with David Bailey and Brian Duffy, brought a new, gritty style to fashion shoots. Instead of posing models in genteel surroundings, Donovan often used the street as his studio, with factories and


Creative cropping

This is a cropped version of Shadow Dog, photographed in Brixton one Saturday morning in winter. And here is the original image, shot on 35mm film: I’ve already written about that morning, in another post. If you’d like to read the post, follow this link – Shadow Dog. Sometimes a playful attitude


Stock photography : the importance of keywords

Last month I encouraged you to think like a picture buyer when reviewing your photos. Here’s a link to the original post – Stock photography : thinking outside the box. I explained how my photograph of a snow-covered bear might be used to illustrate an article on loneliness, homelessness or abandonment. But