Welcome to my photoblog, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Concentrating on black and white photography, the blog aims to entertain and inspire. Like many photographers, I’ve been through barren spells when nothing has seemed to work – which is why I share tips and ideas about keeping your photography fresh and creative.


‘Pictures on a Page’ by Harold Evans

First published in 1978 (and revised in 1997) for me ‘Pictures on a Page’ is still a great read in 2017. Harold Evans was editor of The Sunday Times in the UK between 1967 and 1981, before moving to the USA in 1984. What makes the book special? -the clear, concise writing,


The last dance

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”  Martha Graham


Modesty in Soho : a dog portrait

Together with her owner Babette, Modesty welcomes visitors to The Society Club in London’s Soho. During the day it opens as a cafe, bookshop and gallery. Then at night it becomes a private Members’ Club. I stumbled on the club by accident and Modesty became my muse. Working nearby, I would rush


Print out those family photos

There’s a parlour game that people sometimes play. Imagine that your house is on fire – what would you risk your life to try and save? Unless you want to upset your family, you’d better rescue them first. But then what? I find the game morbid, but people’s answers can be revealing.


Street photography : taking pictures from behind

I spotted this young lady and her poodle near Pall Mall in London. Following them down to Whitehall, I managed two shots before we went our separate ways. Not being an extrovert, I’d stepped outside my comfort zone by taking pictures in the street. Taking photos from behind might seem to be


Zambian Group Portrait

Let me introduce these gentlemen. They belong to PF, the Patriotic Front party in Zambia. I met them last May on Labour Day. With the rainy season over, it was time to get out of doors and take some pictures. The day starts with a parade, which sweeps down Independence Avenue, passing


Four Golden Eggs

In London the art of window dressing is alive and well. I found this goose and her golden eggs in Burlington Arcade, as I rushed to complete my Christmas shopping. With her gold crown and black bow she had a lot of admirers. Whether you’re in London to shop or take photos,


Happy New Year

“I drink, therefore I am.”  W.C. Fields, actor and comedian


Snow : exposure compensation

London grinds to a halt when it snows. Waking one morning I found that six inches had fallen overnight. The only way to travel was on foot, so I dressed warmly, put on boots and headed out with a camera. I love taking snowscapes, but getting your exposure right can be tricky.


Patrick Bentley : Zambian nature photographer

If you want to be inspired, take a look at the work of Patrick Bentley, a Zambian nature photographer whose love of the African bush shines through in his pictures. Born and brought up in one of the wildest and most remote parts of Zambia, Patrick has always been most comfortable in