Town Dogs Archive


Watching the world go by

The fine autumn weather had tempted me out – I needed fresh air and exercise. And I soon realized that I needed a camera. Strolling through East Ham I found this relaxed, alert Doberman in a shop doorway. I cursed myself, having broken the first rule of photography : always carry a


Town dogs : the long wait

Ask a married man what he does at weekends and I bet his list will include at least one of the three Ws – washing the car, walking the dog and waiting for his wife. When I met this man in a south London park, he’d already taken the Poodles for a


Anatomy of a photo project

A friend recently asked if my Town Dogs project was finished. Playing for time, I said I wasn’t sure. According to conventional wisdom, a photo project is like a good story – it has a beginning, a middle and an end. For the photographer this can provide structure and focus. For viewers


Creative cropping

This is a cropped version of Shadow Dog, photographed in Brixton one Saturday morning in winter. And here is the original image, shot on 35mm film: I’ve already written about that morning, in another post. If you’d like to read the post, follow this link – Shadow Dog. Sometimes a playful attitude


Modesty in Soho : a dog portrait

Together with her owner Babette, Modesty welcomes visitors to The Society Club in London’s Soho. During the day it opens as a cafe, bookshop and gallery. Then at night it becomes a private Members’ Club. I stumbled on the club by accident and Modesty became my muse. Working nearby, I would rush


Shadow dog : taking photos in Winter

It was Saturday and I had a plan – to take pictures for my Town Dogs project. I was heading for Brixton and its street markets, but never quite made it. Through the bus window I’d spotted Shadow Dog enjoying the winter sunshine. Getting off the bus I ran back to where


Rosa of Bookmongers

This is how I first saw Rosa – watching the world go by from Bookmongers in Brixton, south London. I wanted to take her picture, but the light was all wrong, with the shop window full of distracting reflections. So I went inside, to browse through the secondhand books. Photography would have


Tired of shopping

Deptford market in south east London is one of my favourite haunts. Visiting one Saturday, I spotted this Bull Terrier being led from stall to stall on a lead. Following at a distance I watched, hoping a picture would develop. And as the owner browsed, the dog looked more and more bored.


Good companions

I often think that dogs have more sense than humans. They eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired and instinctively know if somebody likes them. One Saturday I called in at The Society Club in Soho, to catch up with friends. Arriving just after lunch, I found Modesty sound asleep, with


Never work with children or animals

Being fond of dogs, I’ve never taken W.C. Fields’ advice seriously. Big, small, cute or ugly, to me they’re all great subjects for photography. But I finally met my match when taking pictures for my Town Dogs project. I’d seen this young, lively Pug in a gallery on Pall Mall. With the