A leopard in Lusaka

Plaster_leopard_sculptureOn my urban safaris in Zambia, the hunt for animals to photograph has always been part of the fun. There were easy pickings at first – I would find carved lions outside house gates and life-size rhinos grazing by the roadside. But as time has passed, I’ve had to work harder to find new subjects.

Some of the more interesting sculptures are hidden away in private grounds. A garden boy tipped me off about this leopard in the yard of the lodge where he works. Expecting a big cat sitting on a plinth, I was delighted to find this magnificent beast prowling through the undergrowth. And when I saw those classical pillars framing the scene, my cup was full to overflowing.

If you’re embarking on a photo project of your own, do your groundwork and be prepared – then leave room for chance to play a part. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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