Balcony dogs

Dogs_on_balcony_ZambiaIn Zambia dogs aren’t commonly kept as pets. So it came as a surprise to find these Pomeranians on a neighbour’s balcony in Lusaka.

Their shrill barking caught my attention – and that was the problem. Whenever anyone went near the balcony, they barked. To take a picture I would need to be quick – and hope that nobody came out to complain about the noise.

Another challenge was the direction of the light. Sunshine only fell on that side of the flats briefly each morning. I would have to wait for the dogs to appear when the light was favourable.

As photographers we’re told to fill the frame with our subject, but rules are there to be broken. Whilst the dogs were my main subject, I wanted to show them in their environment and emphasise how small they were. The satellite dishes were included to add to the sense of scale.

When my opportunity came, I composed, focused and took three hurried shots. And as the barking reached a crescendo I made my escape, unnoticed by the neighbours.

If you have a hair-raising story to share, I look forward to hearing from you.


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