Be ware of the dogs

Beware of dogs (Lusaka, Zambia)I like dogs a lot and miss them when we’re in Zambia. Here they’re mainly kept as guard dogs and strays are given a wide berth. The warning on this house gate is typical, although it makes its point more graphically than most. To me the dog looks like a cross between a lion and a wolf, which always makes me smile.

Taken late in the afternoon when the sun was low, this picture required no special equipment. I used a 1950s Leica with a standard 50mm lens, but a compact camera would have done just as well. At the risk of stating the obvious, travel and street photography are all about getting out and seeing what’s around you. Weegee is supposed to have put it more bluntly : f/8 and be there.

Whenever I go out to take pictures, especially in the street, I still feel a mixture of excitement and nerves. And I’m interested to hear about your experiences, good or bad.

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