London Archive


London Peace March : 2003

On 15 February 2003 I joined the Peace March in London, protesting against war in Iraq. The number marching that day has never been agreed. Organisers said 3 million, the police estimated 750,000. Undoubtedly though, the London march was part of the biggest group protest ever held. It didn’t stop the war,


Window Shopping : ‘The Gossips’

When I’m in London, window shopping is one of my pleasures. The big stores have huffed and puffed, but they still haven’t blown all the small shops away. If you want to be surprised, put on comfortable shoes, get off the beaten track and explore. Whenever possible, I take a camera on


On Westminster Bridge

When I worked in London, I’d often take a detour across Westminster Bridge on my way home. Except in winter, there would still be enough daylight to take photos. I came across this couple one April evening. I expect they’d come from north London, to relax and take in the sights. As


The Urban Jungle


Four Golden Eggs

In London the art of window dressing is alive and well. I found this goose and her golden eggs in Burlington Arcade, as I rushed to complete my Christmas shopping. With her gold crown and black bow she had a lot of admirers. Whether you’re in London to shop or take photos,


Hurrying home

Trafalgar Square in London is a great place for people watching – and for candid photography. With the National Gallery on one side, it’s always busy and visitors are relaxed. Out with my camera one summer evening, I saw this man on stilts, posing for photos with tourists. In his Union Jack


Photographer’s Odyssey

Odyssey – definition : a quest or epic journey. Describing my own journey as epic would be pretentious. After all, when I took this picture at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, I’d just got off the train from Bexleyheath to Charing Cross. Commuting into London one morning, I came across these sculptures by chance, as


The headless cyclist

Driving into London is never fun, but for historical interest the A2 from Kent takes some beating. Part of a Roman road – Watling Street – Christian pilgrims used the route to get to Canterbury. And in the eighteenth century Dick Turpin would lie in wait by the roadside, to rob travellers


Keep calm and carry on

I love crisp, sunny winter days – for me they’re photographic heaven. With a clear atmosphere and sun that’s never directly overhead, the gorgeous light gives you a head start before you even pick up your camera. On this February morning, I’d arranged to meet a friend in London. Public spaces are


A tourist in London

Let me start with a confession. This picture was set up, with my wife Beauty posing as a tourist. She wasn’t the first person to sit on that bench and she won’t be the last. Indeed, for more than twenty years tourists have squeezed between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to