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Photo marketing : slow but sure

In a world that’s flooded with photographs, getting noticed can be hard work. The point was recently driven home by an article that I read in the UK magazine Black + White Photography. Apparently most visitors to photography websites never venture beyond the homepage, generally moving on within sixty seconds. And Facebook


Model releases : the basics

Imagine – you’ve hit the photographic jackpot. You’ve just sold a candid portrait, taken on Brighton beach, for an advertising campaign. It’s a generous fee, so now you can afford that new lens. If only life was that simple. Without the written permission of your subject, you can’t go selling pictures of


Stock photography : metadata

To make money from stock photography, you need to get three things right: Establish what picture buyers want. Take good pictures that meet their needs and Make sure people can find them. Today I want to focus on the third element – how to improve the chance of a buyer finding your


Is stock photography dead?

Libraries are making good money from stock photography. But what about the photographer? Is it still worth taking photos and marketing them as stock? In the 1990s, when I began shooting stock, I submitted colour transparencies. And for each image that was accepted, on average I used to receive nearly two US


Stock photography : the importance of keywords

Last month I encouraged you to think like a picture buyer when reviewing your photos. Here’s a link to the original post – Stock photography : thinking outside the box. I explained how my photograph of a snow-covered bear might be used to illustrate an article on loneliness, homelessness or abandonment. But


Stock photography : thinking outside the box

We’d all like to make some money from our photography. But as good digital cameras have become more affordable, competition has increased. Whilst there’s no magic solution, over the coming months I want to share my thoughts about earning an income from stock photography. What is stock photography? In a nutshell, it’s