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Photography and privacy

Should there be a blanket ban on taking photos without permission? Or is everyone “fair game” as soon as they walk out of their front door? I have mixed feelings. Whilst I value my privacy and that of my family, I do enjoy taking candid photos of people going about their lives.


Fill the frame

When I first picked up a camera, I was told to fill the frame with my subject. It’s one of the ten commandments of photography – with good reason, I hear some of you say. Why fill the frame? For clarity and impact, so viewers can quickly see what your picture’s all


Constance the pig

My wife once joked that I paid more attention to this pig than I did to her – and she had a point. Having discovered Constance at a rare breeds farm near Birmingham, I kept on visiting until I got the picture I wanted. Pigs make me smile and when I took


Is cropping a sin?

How do you silence a room full of photographers? By asking if they crop their pictures. In photography, cropping is taboo. Henri Cartier-Bresson disapproved and many have followed suit. At the risk of being disgraced, I admit that I sometimes crop. Why is an uncropped picture sacred? In the early days of


Zen for photographers

This picture was taken in London’s Jermyn Street. Dominated by men’s outfitters, the street is best known for its great selection of formal shirts. When I worked in that part of London, I moved with a camera as often as possible. Finding interesting subject matter wasn’t a problem – the challenge was


Variety is the spice of life

Is your camera being neglected and gathering dust? Don’t feel guilty – you’re not alone. I’ve talked about photographer’s block before, recommending regular, short bursts of picture taking as a cure. To read the full article follow this link : Photographer’s block.¬†In summer, if your time is limited, an hour or so


Creative unblocking : morning pages

Are you feeling under the weather creatively? And looking for a simple remedy? Then try morning pages. In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron recommends three A4 pages of longhand writing, first thing every day. It’s as simple as that and it works – for artists, photographers, writers – indeed for


Photographer’s block

Have you ever had photographer’s block? I have, sometimes lasting several months. And to ease my¬†frustration I would dream of exotic trips – to Venice, Siberia, the African savannah. Free your imagination and make your own wish list. Fortunately there are cheaper remedies closer to home. During one barren spell a friend


Creative flare

These are Exmoor ponies, the oldest breed of native pony in the United Kingdom. Free to roam and graze on the moors, they can be difficult to track down. So I was pleased to find these young adults when I crossed Exmoor one January morning. Left by their owners to fend for