Town Dogs Archive


Good companions

I often think that dogs have more sense than humans. They eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired and instinctively know if somebody likes them. One Saturday I called in at The Society Club in Soho, to catch up with friends. Arriving just after lunch, I found Modesty sound asleep, with


Never work with children or animals

Being fond of dogs, I’ve never taken W.C. Fields’ advice seriously. Big, small, cute or ugly, to me they’re all great subjects for photography. But I finally met my match when taking pictures for my Town Dogs project. I’d seen this young, lively Pug in a gallery on Pall Mall. With the


Undercover dog

Crossing Soho one afternoon, I found this Dachshund lying on a bench. Sheltered from the cold, she seemed happy to watch the world go by. The scene had the makings of a good picture : an appealing dog, unexpectedly lying under a raincoat, with an uncluttered background. The only drawback was the


Bulldog spirit

Modesty knows her place at The Society Club in Soho – she’s in charge. During the day the Club opens as a bookshop, cafe and exhibition space. Then at night it becomes a Members’ Club. When I worked in central London I would often drop in. And on this occasion I found


Lord Basset of Deptford

I love street markets – for their atmosphere, their quirkiness and for their dogs. But not all street markets are equal. For photographers some are more equal than others. Too quiet and there’s no atmosphere or energy. Too busy and there’s not enough room to move around and compose pictures. And how


Start every day off with a smile

It was Saturday morning and I’d been invited to take pictures of a French Mastiff. Even the cold November weather couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Arriving in Dagenham though, I had a shock. Littered with broken toys and furniture, the garden where I planned to take photos was a mess.


Train dog

Waiting one evening at London Bridge station, I spotted this lady and her dog in their matching coats. And when I realised they were catching the same train as me, I got into their carriage. Sometimes it’s worth risking some embarrassment for a picture. It was straightforward to ask and receive permission



What a great word – it rolls off the tongue and has a positive meaning. Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. A happy accident in short. When I look at this photo of Daisy, serendipity is the word that springs to mind.


Minding the shop

This is Bruno, minding the shop at Etty & Tyler’s, the motor cycle dealers in Forest Gate, east London. Photographed in 2005, he was my first subject in what became a long running project : Town Dogs. There was really no need to beware of this gentle giant of a dog. Any