Constance the pig


My wife once joked that I paid more attention to this pig than I did to her – and she had a point. Having discovered Constance at a rare breeds farm near Birmingham, I kept on visiting until I got the picture I wanted.

Pigs make me smile and when I took this photo I was planning a range of humorous greeting cards. I’d found my subject and an attractive setting. Now all I needed was good light and some action.

On my first visit – in early September – the light was ideal in the middle of the afternoon. But without a cooperative pig, I had no picture.

A mixture of persistence and good luck finally brought the opportunity I’d been hoping for. On my third visit, after a fruitless hour of pig watching, I went for a mug of tea. Then, as I left the farm cafe I heard pigs squealing. Following the noise, I realized it was feeding time. And what excited the pigs was the sound of the metal feeding bucket as it was put down and the handle rattled. Each time the bucket was put down, Constance got up on her hind legs to see if it was her turn to be fed. I managed a total of six shots.

Borealis Press used this image on a greeting card and fridge magnet. The fee was enough to take my wife on holiday, so now she has nothing but kind words for Constance.

Over the years, marketing my photos to greeting card publishers has been hard work. My success with this picture has been the exception rather than the rule. If you’d like to share your triumphs and disappointments, do leave a comment.

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