Figaro the singing dog

Portrait_of_a_yawning_dogI took this picture in Wanstead, east London, for my Town Dogs project. I’d seen the dog before, but always been too busy to stop. So I made a special trip one Saturday morning and asked for permission to take photos. That way, I felt at liberty to hang around and wait for the right opportunity.

Why have I called the dog Figaro? Well, Mozart and Rossini both wrote operas starring Figaro, a singing barber and personal valet. So when I captured the dog open-mouthed, with a notice on the wall saying ‘Figaro’, it seemed the perfect name.

The truth is more mundane – the dog was yawning, not singing. And it’s the car in the picture that’s a Figaro, parked on the forecourt of a garage that serviced and restored Nissan Figaros. Look closely at the original, high resolution image and you can see ‘Figaro’ written on the chrome hub cap.

I hope you enjoy the picture – and that I haven’t spoilt the story by telling the truth.

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