Four Golden Eggs

white_goose_and_golden_eggs_window_displayIn London the art of window dressing is alive and well. I found this goose and her golden eggs in Burlington Arcade, as I rushed to complete my Christmas shopping. With her gold crown and black bow she had a lot of admirers.

Whether you’re in London to shop or take photos, the area around Piccadilly is well worth a visit. I can’t afford the prices there, but I can always admire the window displays. This one was loosely based on a Christmas carol – The Twelve Days of Christmas. I say loosely based, because in the carol there were six geese a laying, not one. And there were five golden rings – but no golden eggs. Clearly the window dresser had used artistic licence, with eye-catching effect.

Four Golden Eggs is one of a series of photos taken through shop windows. If you’d like to see more pictures from the series, follow this link : London – Window Shopping.

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