Hurrying home

Man_on_stilts_Trafalgar_Square_LondonTrafalgar Square in London is a great place for people watching – and for candid photography. With the National Gallery on one side, it’s always busy and visitors are relaxed.

Out with my camera one summer evening, I saw this man on stilts, posing for photos with tourists. In his Union Jack suit he had plenty of customers. I decided to keep an eye on him, in the hope of taking an unposed picture of my own.

In the meantime, I sampled the free entertainment : juggling, mime, breakdancing. The variety is endless. My attention was grabbed by a man in a bowler hat, playing a tuba that belched out flames. I became so engrossed that I nearly missed my man on stilts. Having made enough money for the day, he was striding across the square when I spotted him. Rushing to catch up, I managed this one shot before he made his escape. The young lady coming from the left was an added bonus. Like the man on stilts, her working day was over and she was hurrying home.

If you’re planning a day out in London, make time to visit Trafalgar Square. With its street entertainment and art galleries nearby, there’s no excuse for getting bored. And don’t forget your camera.

If you’d like to recommend anywhere for taking candid photos, please get in touch.

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