Keep calm and carry on

Man_and_pelican_in_parkI love crisp, sunny winter days – for me they’re photographic heaven. With a clear atmosphere and sun that’s never directly overhead, the gorgeous light gives you a head start before you even pick up your camera.

On this February morning, I’d arranged to meet a friend in London. Public spaces are great for people watching and candid photography, so we’d agreed to meet in St James’s Park. Arriving early, I spotted a flock of tourists in the distance. Intrigued, I moved nearer and found them admiring one of the resident pelicans. The scene was cluttered, but it had the makings of a good picture, so I waited to see what would happen.

When the group moved on, I was left with the pelican and this gentleman, both of them looking very thoughtful. I had time for two shots, then another crowd of admirers arrived and the spell was broken.



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