King of the jungle?

Lion_sculpture_black_and_white_zambiaWalt Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’ has a lot to answer for. Having watched the film as a child, I was convinced that a jungle was thick tropical forest where the animals danced to swinging jazz. The truth isn’t as entertaining. Apparently ‘jungle’ comes from the Hindi word ‘jangala’, meaning open, savannah-like terrain, uninhabited by humans.

And then there’s the urban jungle, which is where I found my Lion sculpture – in Lusaka, the Zambian capital. With a population of more than two million, the city is neither open nor uninhabited. But during rush hour, when the traffic gets thick and dense, it can feel like a man-made jungle.

This picture was taken in the grounds of a lodge, on the outskirts of Lusaka. Having failed miserably at wildlife photography, I started my ‘Urban Safari’ series on the rebound. You can read the story of what went wrong on my photo safari by following the link to Urban Safari. And more pictures from this series can be found in the Zambia gallery of my website.




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