Lord Basset of Deptford

Basset_Hound_Deptford_MarketI love street markets – for their atmosphere, their quirkiness and for their dogs. But not all street markets are equal. For photographers some are more equal than others. Too quiet and there’s no atmosphere or energy. Too busy and there’s not enough room to move around and compose pictures. And how do people react when they see a camera?

In London it’s Deptford market that draws me back, time after time. With its pie and mash shops, friendly atmosphere and market dogs, I look forward to going there. Visiting one Saturday, I spotted a Basset Hound pulling its owner along. Following, I hoped a picture would develop. There were the usual frustrations : shoppers getting in the way, stopping to pat the dog, bumping into me. And then an opportunity came. My subjects had stopped at a secondhand book stall. Kneeling down to get a dog’s eye view, I began to shoot. This was the third or fourth shot, with the lady now absorbed in a book. The Basset was watching another dog coming from left of frame.

This picture required no special technique or equipment – it stands or falls by the content and composition. A 50mm lens gave a natural perspective.

If you’d like to share your experience of shooting on street markets, please leave a comment.

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