Lusaka dogs


When I came across these dogs I was hot and stressed. It was my own fault – I’d gone into town late and got caught up in lunchtime traffic.

In my hurry I nearly walked straight past the dogs. It was the toothpaste advert that grabbed my attention. In Zambia the art of hand painting signs is still alive and this one made me smile. It was large and bold and would make a great background for a photo.

But what about the dogs? In Africa they present two special challenges for photographers : (1) most dogs have been mistreated, so they’re wary of people and (2) they’re nearly all sandy coloured mongrels, which merge into their backgrounds (especially if you’re shooting in black and white).

Luck was on my side that day. Kneeling down gave me a clear composition and the dogs were too tired to move. But I never did find out if they used Flodent – I didn’t get near enough to smell their breath.

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