Outdoor chess


Driving a taxi in Lusaka can be hard work. Over the past ten years, traffic has more than doubled and the roads can’t cope.

Between jobs, drivers meet and socialise – at shopping centres and busy junctions, or in this case outside UTH (University Teaching Hospital) where they have their own bench marked “drivers only”. Relaxing over a game of chess, these men were happy to have their picture taken.

Watching them play, I waited until I’d been forgotten before taking photos. By standing in a shallow ditch behind the bench, I was able to shoot at chess board level, with the players backlit by the late afternoon sunshine. My 1960s lens (a 50mm Summicron by Leica) struggled with the light streaming towards it. But personally I like the flare – for me it has captured the mood of the afternoon.

Do you enjoy shooting into the light? If you’d like to share any tips or advice, please leave a comment.

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