Photographer’s block

Window display London

Have you ever had photographer’s block? I have, sometimes lasting several months. And to ease my frustration I would dream of exotic trips – to Venice, Siberia, the African savannah. Free your imagination and make your own wish list.

Fortunately there are cheaper remedies closer to home. During one barren spell a friend suggested shooting locally. Willing to try anything, I began taking pictures during my lunch hour at work in central London.

As you take your first baby steps, don’t be self-critical – editing can wait until later. Remember, you’re trying to unblock, not produce works of art. Gradually common themes and subjects may emerge, but don’t force things – just notice.

I found myself taking lots of photos through shop windows. “Made in England” was taken in Piccadilly Arcade, five minutes from the office. Wanting to emphasise the warmly lit interior, for this shot I waited until after work – just before dusk.

So if you’re feeling creatively blocked, try shooting close to home or work. Don’t wait for inspiration – just get started. Lunch times worked for me, but an hour or two at the weekend may suit you better. Above all enjoy yourself – and let me know how you get on.

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