Shadow dog : taking photos in Winter

Dog_and_its_shadow_in_streetIt was Saturday and I had a plan – to take pictures for my Town Dogs project. I was heading for Brixton and its street markets, but never quite made it. Through the bus window I’d spotted Shadow Dog enjoying the winter sunshine.

Getting off the bus I ran back to where I’d seen her. Absorbed with catching flies, she was too busy to take any notice of me. In this frame you can see her tongue stretched up towards her nose.

A bright winter’s day in the UK can be a photographer’s dream. With the sun never directly overhead, you have all day to hunt down intriguing textures and shadows. From memory this picture was taken between 10 and 11 o’clock in the morning. Looking out of the bus, I’d only noticed the dog. But now, taking in the whole scene, I was able to play with the light and composition – until she got bored and sloped off.

So don’t abandon your camera in winter. When the sun comes out, wrap up warmly and enjoy the light show. And never be afraid to change a plan.

If you’d like to see more photos from the project, follow this link to the Town Dogs gallery of my website.

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