Street photography : taking pictures from behind

Young_lady_and_poodle_shopping_in_streetI spotted this young lady and her poodle near Pall Mall in London. Following them down to Whitehall, I managed two shots before we went our separate ways. Not being an extrovert, I’d stepped outside my comfort zone by taking pictures in the street.

Taking photos from behind might seem to be a coward’s way out, but I disagree. Yes, I could have walked on ahead and photographed the two of them head-on. But why be confrontational when it’s not necessary? I wanted to capture the young lady with her shopping and her dog, but there was no need to show any faces. Indeed, I’d go further and argue that a rear view can be very effective – it leaves something to the viewer’s imagination.

What do you think about photographing strangers from behind? I look forward to hearing from you.

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