‘The English’ by Ian Berry

Cover_of_The_English_by_Ian_BerryI made sure that my copy of ‘The English’ came with me to Zambia, where it has pride of place on the bookshelf. The book was made possible by the award of an Arts Council Bursary and most of the images were taken during 1975. In the foreword, Berry explains that the photographs represent a personal exploration of English life: ‘Though I was born and grew up in the North of England, I was in the odd situation of being English and knowing very little about England, having spent much of my life abroad.’

Royal_Ascot_races_porter_and_man_in_formal_wearAs a young man, Berry made his reputation in South Africa, working as a photojournalist for the Daily Mail and Drum magazine. Returning to the UK after more than a decade, he viewed English life with a fresh eye. But finding access to many areas of life difficult, he admits that the book offers a partial view of what he saw. ‘I have had to select my favourite photographs.’ For this post I have done the same – I hope that you enjoy this selection from the work of a master photographer. To learn more about him and view more of his images, I warmly recommend visiting www.ianberrymagnum.com

The final say goes to Ian Berry: ‘It was a great release to photograph in black and white, without the usual professional restrictions on time or subject matter. For most of the photographs I used Leica cameras with 28mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses and Ilford film (HP4 and HP5).’Elderly_lady_playing_cricket_on_beach

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