The Goose and the Maid

Plaster_goose_and_roadside_advert_for_Maid_Center_ZambiaIn Zambia, road junctions are multi-purpose. Of course roads meet at them – but so do people. And where people meet, why not advertise and display your goods for sale?

I took this picture on the Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka. Nearby, there’s Crossroads shopping mall, which could be anywhere between Cape Town and Lagos. It’s a carbon copy of the malls to be found all over Africa.

For me though, the small roadside businesses are much more interesting. The goose in this picture was for sale, along with other plaster sculptures for the garden. And I’m sure the local ‘Maid Center’ was doing good business, offering domestic staff for hire. I found the combination of the goose and the hand painted sign irresistible.

Whenever I get the chance, I photograph the roadside stalls and signs that I come across. For more offbeat pictures of Lusaka, follow this link to the Zambian gallery of my website.


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