The headless cyclist

Headless_mannequinsDriving into London is never fun, but for historical interest the A2 from Kent takes some beating. Part of a Roman road – Watling Street – Christian pilgrims used the route to get to Canterbury. And in the eighteenth century Dick Turpin would lie in wait by the roadside, to rob travellers as they crossed Blackheath.

Nowadays, pilgrims and highwaymen have been replaced by commuters and bus drivers. As you descend from Blackheath towards London, the next place you reach is Deptford. Find time to stop there if you can. I like to browse through the secondhand books and bric-a-brac at the Saturday market, then stay for some lunch. I found these tailor’s dummies outside a shop on Deptford Broadway. Inside, the shop was piled high with stock : old clocks and toys, bowler hats, stuffed birds. Not surprisingly, the local art students flock there for props and inspiration.

I’ve written before about taking pictures in the market. If you’d like to read the post, follow this link : Town Dogs – Lord Basset of Deptford.




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