Town dogs : the long wait

Poodles_and_owner_waiting_in_parkAsk a married man what he does at weekends and I bet his list will include at least one of the three Ws – washing the car, walking the dog and waiting for his wife.

When I met this man in a south London park, he’d already taken the Poodles for a walk. Now he was waiting for his wife, who arrived with armfuls of garden plants, soon after I took this picture.

I’d first seen the three of them from behind, through the park fence. I like rear views, because they leave something to the imagination. But on this occasion I couldn’t find an interesting composition. It was only when I got inside the park that I saw a good picture in the making. I also realised that I’d have to crouch down, right in front of the man and his dogs, so I asked his permission to take photos. He graciously agreed and got on with his waiting.

This was the third or fourth frame, when they’d all forgotten about the stranger pointing a camera at them. By now they were more interested in something behind me. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, it was Mrs P and her plants. And a few seconds later, there was pandemonium, as two excited dogs jumped up to greet her.

I’ve lost count of the photo opportunities that have come my way close to home. On this Sunday afternoon I needed to get out for some fresh air. And luckily I had a camera with me when I reached the park, half a mile away. What’s your experience? Do you ever shoot locally or do you need new surroundings to feel inspired?


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