Undercover in London

Lady ducks under cover in London

I like photos that tell a story – or suggest a story.

Visiting London for the day, I came across this scene in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Stopping to look, all I could see were smiling cherubs poking out through the canvas. Imagine my surprise when this lady emerged, wearing sunglasses and armed with a handbag. I had time to take one picture, then she was gone.

What had she been doing? We can only guess, but under the canvas I found a bench that was being refurbished. With its bronze sculptures, the bench is listed as a Grade II Monument. It commemorates the life of Margaret MacDonald, wife of Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald.

London’s largest public square, Lincoln’s Inn Fields is certainly worth a visit. On a sunny day it’s the perfect place to meet friends, to chat and relax for a while. But if it’s a stranger in dark glasses that you’re hoping to meet, I can’t make any promises.

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