Watching the world go by

Doberman_Pinscher_lying_downThe fine autumn weather had tempted me out – I needed fresh air and exercise. And I soon realized that I needed a camera. Strolling through East Ham I found this relaxed, alert Doberman in a shop doorway. I cursed myself, having broken the first rule of photography : always carry a camera.

Home was only five minutes away, so I rushed back for a camera and hoped the dog wouldn’t move. But of course it did – there was no sign of the Doberman when I got back. Out of breath but not willing to give up, I went inside the shop and found the dog with its owner. Nothing else was right though – the light was poor and the background cluttered.

I introduced myself and asked the owner if the Doberman could be persuaded to sit outside again. He said he would try. The first few pictures had the owner in the frame, as the dog got used to me and the camera. Then a passer-by caught his attention and I had the shot that I wanted : a relaxed Doberman watching the world go by, with his legs draped over the doorstep.

Was the shot posed? Strictly I suppose it was. But does it matter? What do you think?


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