What makes a good travel photo? Part 2


Patriotic Front supporters heading for a rally : Lusaka, Zambia, May 2016

In October I asked you what makes a good travel photo. And whilst it was great to receive feedback, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Why? Because the overwhelming response was that people like colour in a travel photo and most of my pictures are black and white. For me, a good black and white photo sings; I love the gorgeous grey tones.

But back to travel photography – why is colour so important to people? My theory is that they want to feel transported to the place that’s being illustrated, as easily as possible. Compared with black and white, colour provides them with more information. Not only that – colour has a strong emotional impact. Used well, it can bring a place alive for viewers.

Three_Zambian_police_ladies_on_dutyHaving said that, I can’t resist closing with a black and white picture that I took in Lusaka on Labour Day this year. In my opinion, the absence of colour is an asset here. It invites you to look at the differences between the three police ladies – their hats, their uniforms and their body language.

At the risk of inviting more unwelcome feedback, I’m asking what you think. Is there still a place for black and white travel photography or has it had its day?

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