Window Shopping : ‘The Gossips’

Plaster_busts_in_shop_windowWhen I’m in London, window shopping is one of my pleasures. The big stores have huffed and puffed, but they still haven’t blown all the small shops away. If you want to be surprised, put on comfortable shoes, get off the beaten track and explore.

Whenever possible, I take a camera on my wanderings. But the photography is a bonus. Walking through the back streets of London without a plan is a pleasure in itself. I’m not sure where I took this picture – possibly in Bloomsbury or Marylebone. What I do know is that it was cold. You can see a reflection of my woolly hat in the window.

If you’d like to go on a photo walk, you can join a group or pay to go on an organised tour. Personally though, I prefer to go alone. That way I can concentrate on my photography and stop where I like, for as long as I like.

Although I don’t go out with a detailed plan, I sometimes look for ideas in guidebooks or on the internet. Do you have any favourite places that you’d like to share? I look forward to hearing from you.


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